High performance style with an emphasis on ergonomics and functionality.  The RECARO Sport is designed to wrap

around the user - culminating in a true high-performance automobile "feel".


Suggested weight rating of 275 lbs.  Ideal for users up to 6'3".


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RECARO Ergonomics:   Every RECARO chair is professionally designed to cater to the natural curvature of the human spine.  The back is a very sensitive area, bones and muscles are often tense and distraught after long periods of sitting.  RECARO has taken steps to rectify this common issue with ergonomic designs that relax your back and keep you in a position that promotes long-term health.


Air Lumbar Support:  Support of your lower back is a key to providing an ergonomic and comfortable experience.  RECARO's specially crafted lumbar support mechanism assists in achieving superior comfort and support.


Shoulder, Back and Thigh Bolsters:   A unique feature to the RECARO brand of office chairs - shoulder, back and thigh bolsters will assist you in achieving perfect posture at all times.


Bottom Cushion Extendable:  Cutting edge design for the office chair market - the bottom cushion extensionfunction allows for the ultimate custom seating experience.  The bottom cushion is extendable between 19-21" helps position yourself in the optimum ergonomic position.


Integrated Headrest:  Styled after the RECARO seats installed in high-performance automobiles, the integrated headrest provides a sturdy resting spot for your head and stabilizes your neck in an ergonomic position.  


High Quality Foam Padding:  A staple of every RECARO seat - the Specialist is lined entirely with thick, dense high quality foam, adding to the chairs "sport" feel and ensuring long lasting support.


Upholstery:  RECARO chooses the finest materials for its covers and then sews them with precision, assuring the seat will look great for years.


4D Armrests:  16- gauge polished stainless steel armrests that adjust through a 3" range with 8 locking positions.  4D Armrests are height, width, length, and angle adjustable. 


Polised Aluminum Base:  Heavy duty, polished aluminum 5-Star base.  


Warranty:  2 Year Warranty on the entire product. 4D Armrests being used in 24/7 environments are not covered under Warranty.


Performance Series